Quality Assurance

Is your Security Company owned and operated in South Australia?

MSE Alarms was establish by our Managing Director Michael Bonaccurso in 1989 and the business still remains a family owned and operated South Australian business.  You’re welcome to make an appointment to visit our State of the Art facilities at Henley Beach.


Does your Security Company provide full 24/7 Technical Support?

MSE have a fleet of technical response vehicles and on call technical staff to ensure emergency services are provided to all our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  As the service provider to SA Government and many members of the Education, Jewelry, Wine, Automotive and Construction industries MSE have a proven reputation for prompt and professional services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Is your Security Company accountable to recognised industry bodies?

MSE Alarms and its staff are not only licensed with all the appropriate authorities but also make themselves accountable as a member of the peak industry associations such as ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Ltd) and NECA (National Electrical & Communications Association). In addition, MSE has a commitment to Quality Assurance procedures that involve double and triple checking processes to ensure the quality of service to every client. Without exception!

Can you be assured your Security Company is going to provide a quality Installation or Service?

As part of MSE Alarms Quality Assurance and customer service satisfaction guarantee: All quotes are prepared in writing detailing all types of equipment, quantity, installation details, exclusions and on-going costs. All customer service, installation and service work is carried out by MSE Alarms fully licensed employees NOT SUB-CONTRACTORS. All works must be completed as quoted with the customer’s signature before a final invoice is created to ensure customer satisfaction.

Is your Alarm Monitoring Centre independently inspected and graded to assure you’re getting what you pay for?

MSE utilises a state of the art Monitoring Centre that is approved by ASIAL, who use an independently appointed inspector to ensure it complies with the highest standards in accordance with Australian Standards AS 2201.2. Our Monitoring Centre is an independently approved Grade A1 facility.

A = The highest level achievable for building construction and services.

1 = The highest level achievable for operational performance, equipment and staffing.

R = The primary A1 Monitoring Centre is fully redundant to a secondary A1 Monitoring Centre.

Above and beyond Australian Standards Grade A1 requirements MSE has further established a dedicated VIP Service within this monitoring centre, VIP staff are dedicated to ensuring MSE client’s needs are met 24hours a day.


Is your Alarm Monitoring Centre approved for SA Police and SAMFS response?

Because MSE Alarms utilises an ASIAL Approved Grade A1 R1A Monitoring Centres we are approved for SA Police Response to all Category ‘A’ Alarms in accordance with the AMF protocol.


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