Hardwired v Wireless

Hardwired installations are far superior to wireless systems but when installing a security system to an existing multi storey or heritage building it may be impractical and too costly to hardwire so a wireless solution may be required.  In the event a wireless solution is required then it’s essential to use a commercial quality product that utilises a licensed frequency in the 916-917Mhz range which often costs 2-3 times more than the cheaper domestic grade of wireless equipment.  The cheaper domestic wireless equipment uses a free unlicensed frequency in the 433 Mhz range and suffers from limited range and poor reliability because there are too many other domestic wireless devices operating in the same range.
We only recommend the use of commercial quality wireless equipment to ensure range, reliability and serviceability in the long term. You can easily determine Commercial Quality wireless equipment as it operates in the 916-917Mhz range and has wireless encryption for security.  Commercial Quality wireless equipment often comes with features such as 3rd party product integration, two-way communications and repeater options.

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