180° Panoramic Mini Network Dome Camera

Mini Dome Camera for Ultra-wide 180° Angle Monitoring

180° Panoramic View · 4K Ultra High Definition · 120dB Super WDR · 0.005Lux Starlight · Panoramic IR Technology · 180° IR Coverage · VCA · Heat Map · IP67 & IK10 · Built-in Microphone · Integrated Junction Box

Leading-edge H.265+ Compression


180° Panoramic View

As a dome-shaped camera, Milesight 180° Panoramic H.265+ Mini Dome Network Camera is perfect for ultra-wide area monitoring. It catches 180° horizontal and 95° vertical coverage, achieving extra wide angle viewing with only one single sensor.


4K Ultra High Definition

The 180° Panoramic H.265+ Mini Dome Network Camera features 4K ultra high resolution to guarantee superb image quality of 3840×2160. Introducing 180° ultra-wide angle lens, the camera realizes the whole scene monitoring without any details missing.


120dB Super WDR

Milesight’s sensor-based WDR technology allows the 180° Panoramic H.265+ Mini Dome Network Camera to record greater scene details with true colour reproduction even under the extreme backlight and high contrast conditions.

0.005Lux Ultra Low-light

The 180° Panoramic H.265+ Mini Dome Network Camera is able to deliver high detailed colour images even in extremely low light environments reaching 0.005Lux (Colour) or 0Lux (B/W), and near infrared light environments without any supplementary lighting.


Panoramic IR Technology

Milesight new generation panoramic IR technology adopts the original structure design to achieve the best IR anti-reflection effect. With the adjustable illumination intensity, two well-designed IR LEDs truly realize the 180° IR coverage.


Video Content Analysis (VCA)

Embedded as standard, Milesight VCA with 10 detection modes provides advanced, accurate smart video analysis for the 180° Panoramic H.265+ Mini Dome Network Camera, enabling the comprehensive surveillance function and quicker response to different monitoring scenes.


Advanced Heat Map

The built-in Milesight Advanced Heat Map analyses customers’ behaviour to reveal insights for better business management. Supporting automatic export the intuitive statistical reports in time or space pattern as needed.


IP67 & IK10

Supporting IP67-rated weather proofing and IK10-rated vandal proofing which are the leading level of the industry, the 180° Panoramic H.265+ Mini Dome Network Camera is well protected against adverse impacts to ensure the robust performance.


Exquisite Design

The inherited Milesight style makes the 180° Panoramic H.265+ Mini Dome Network Camera a piece of art. The dome shape design offers a wide range of surveillance and blends well in any environment.



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