4G Handsets

TWIG One 4G is a personal alarm device optimized for lone worker safety in noisy and hazardous industrial environments. The essential lone worker protection functions, powerful loudspeaker, robust design, device keys, configurable user interface, compatible accessories, scalable functions and easy integration with various monitoring systems make it a serious choice for the requirements of industry.

Duty of care requires employers to give lone workers means to alert help. Depending on risk assessment, a dedicated alarm device may be required.  An automatic ManDown alarm is sent when device user falls or is not moving.  When entering a risky situation, enhanced monitoring can be requested with Amber alert.  TWIG One can trigger alert in ARC also in absence of mobile network connection.****



Lone worker protection functions
• Automatic ManDown detection on fall, tilt or impact
• Device and server based Amber alert
• Distinct and tactile SOS key for panic situations
• 2-way hands-free voice calls
• SOS cycle with 10 preprogrammable numbers
• Tracking and locating indoors and outdoors
• Attendance monitoring with NFC tags
• Short cut dial keys

Effective communication in emergency
• Optional 4G with VoLTE
• Interactive on-screen messages
• Preprogrammed one-touch status messages
• One-touch voice calls
• Powerful speakerphone

Robust and ergonomic
• User Interface with configurable menu and function keys
• Slim, light and user-friendly
• Easy to wear with belt clip
• Robust nano SIM card tray

Hybrid indoor / outdoor location
• Satellite positioning with 3-constellation GNSS
• TWIG Point AGNSS service for faster location fix
• Hybrid indoor location with TWIG SRD, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons (SRD3 device option)
• TWIG Point Netloc service for public space location (cellular network + free Wi-Fi base stations)
• TWIG Point Netloc service for on-site location (TWIG SRD beacons + commercial Wi-Fi base stations + BLE beacons)

Remote device management
• TWIG Point Remote Configurator
• Saves time and money in customer support
• Access with TWIG Point SP web account


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