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IR Mini Dome Network Camera

Milesight H.265 IR Mini Dome Network Camera can support H.265 video codec to achieve better compression ratio while maintaining high quality pictures at reduced network bandwidth. With the built-in IR LED module, it makes visibility in total darkness. It is redefining what you should expect for a mini dome camera.


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Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera

Equipped with the IP67-rated & IK09-rated housing, H.265 Mini Dome is apt for outdoor surveillance, withstanding harsh climatic and high impact force. Incorporating latest IR LEDs, Ultra Low-light and Super WDR, the camera is able to provide superior image quality around the clock.


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Mini Dome Network Camera

This Mini Dome Network Camera is designed with the IP67-rated and IK10-rated housing for harsh outdoor surveillance applications.  This high performance camera is feature rich with Starlight ultra low-light, Smart IR LED, wide angle view, 3-Axis design, H.265+ compression and Super WDR the camera is able to provide superior image quality around the clock.


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180° Panoramic Mini Network Dome Camera

Mini Dome Camera for Ultra-wide 180° Panoramic View · 4K Ultra High Definition · 120dB Super WDR · 0.005Lux Starlight · Panoramic IR Technology · 180° IR Coverage · VCA · Heat Map · IP67 & IK10 · Built-in Microphone · Integrated Junction Box



Motorised Mini Bullet Network Camera

Inheriting all the advanced features of its predecessors, Motorized Mini Bullet Network Camera is equipped with motorized zoom lens which allow users to control the focal length remotely and adjust the camera focus precisely with just a few clicks of a mouse to provide top-notch image quality.

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Motorised Pro Dome Camera

H.265 Pro Dome’s unique clamshell design outshines all the others in hardware innovation for hassle-free installation. By harmonizing the motorized zoom lens, IR LEDs, Ultral Low-light and Super WDR technology, the camera creates superlative image quality for any applications.


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12x Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Camera

Incorporating all Milesight’s most advanced technologies, the new Mini PTZ Bullet Camera is born to offer best user experience. Powerful Pan/Tilt/Zoom, user-friendly 3D positioning, smart PTZ motion detection, revolutionary IR II and White LED technologies and other considerable details improvements, all of these redefine what you think of a PTZ camera.


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Speed Dome Network Camera

Designed for high-performing surveillance, Milesight Speed Dome Camera offers 23x/30x optical zoom, fast and precise pan/tilt performance for wide area coverage and great detail when zooming in. It also features PTZ Motion and 3D Positioning technology to offer unique possibility to monitor specified area and provide sharp images in all directions.


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12MP H.265+ Fisheye Network Camera

With ultra high definition of 12 megapixel, 12MP H.265+ Fisheye Network Cameras allows to catch 360° panoramic view with finer details. The stunning H.265+ codec ensures the image quality with lower bandwidth. Concerning on both design and functionality, the camera is born to offer different Milesight style Fisheye experience.


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4K H.265 Mini NVR Series

With dimensions of only 80mm x 80mm x 120mm, Milesight 4K H.265 Mini NVR can record up to 9 IP cameras ranging from 1080P all the way up to 8MP resolutions. The compact-design NVR delivers a powerful solution with incredible image quality to meet the stringent demands of any surveillance environment.


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4K H.265 Pro NVR 5000 Series

The amazing Milesight 4K H.265 Pro NVR 5000 has the ability to preview/playback 4-CH 4K UHD or 16-CH 1080P IP cameras synchronously and has a friendly GUI for configuration. Combined unparalleled resolution and quality together in one box, this NVR boasts to give your home, office, warehouse, or business the true ultimate in security.


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4K H.265 Pro NVR 7000 Series

Milesight 4K H.265 Pro NVR 7000 can preview/playback 4-CH 4K UHD or 16-CH 1080P IP cameras synchronously with amazing details. Thanks to the intuitive and friendly GUI, you can connect this NVR to a monitor via HDMI or VGA and easily take care of your settings.


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4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 Series

Milesight 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 can be connected with Primary Monitor and Secondary Monitor to show different layouts on each monitor. By integrating the features of powerful 4K UHD/16-CH 1080P network cameras decoding, optimized hard disk installation and full set of interfaces, Milesight 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 is a very robust NVR that you can greatly rely on.


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Milesight Mobile APP

Milesight provides free APP(M-Sight Pro) for iOS and Android to enhance the surveillance mobility. The APP enable users to monitor and control network cameras or NVRs via wireless network. The interface is simple and intuitive. Download now!



Milesight CMS

Milesight CMS is a free advanced central management system which allows large surveillance solution to be efficiently managed as one uniform system. Supporting up to 128 devices, Milesight CMS offers users a complete visual overview of the devices locations with interactive maps.


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