Why we don’t tender

We believe it important not to delay or mislead you so we feel it appropriate to clarify our position in relation to the provision of our professional security services.


MSE Alarms does not engage in the tender process for very good reasons as follows:
Over the last 30 years MSE has gone to great lengths to establish professional standards, technical systems and operational standards with a team of staff that deliver the highest levels of design, equipment, workmanship and service to ensure practical and sustainable outcomes for our clients in the long term.

MSE don’t just install cabling and equipment and move on, we have to maintain reliable operation 24hrs 7 days for many years to come. Our standards often deliver a level of service that is far above that generally achieved by our industry. Unfortunately the standards of workmanship and the level of service provided by the industry are very poor because it is too commonly driven by the lowest dollar value and there is no active regulation or independent inspection to ensure the standard of delivery.

Unfortunately conforming to tender requirements does not necessarily ensure the quality of the design, reliable operation or delivery of service which can deliver disappointing results with considerable costs that are often not realised for many years to come.

Tender process is often over complicated with lots of documentation but little organisation or supervision to ensure practical outcomes.

  • Tenders are most often prepared by persons that lack experience and the intimate knowledge of client’s practical needs which is reflected in the finished product.

EG: MSE Has 30 Years experience in designing, installing, monitoring and servicing over 6000 security systems on a 24Hr 365 Day a year basis.

  • Tenders most often produce a wish list of features but delivers poor design because there is a lack of detailed consultation with the end user on the practical outcomes required from the system.

EG: MSE spend considerable time consulting with the client and interrogating existing equipment and systems to provide ‘Turn Key’ designs that meet or exceed client’s requirements.

  • Tenders most often produce higher prices with poor outcomes for client because over documentation and under communication, by the time this is realised it’s too late for the client to influence any change.

EG: MSE Provide detailed documentation, plans, manuals, client training and ongoing support and service to the client long after the sale is made.

MSE Alarms is a full service security provider that provides professional security services on a Consult + Design + Install + Monitor + Service basis.
If you wish MSE Alarms to provide electronic security systems and services we will require dealing directly with the client and a representative with a practical knowledge of any existing systems operation and any future operational outcomes.

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