Access Control

Access Control Systems

Access Control is a broad term to describe the restricted access of persons controlled by a device to allow restricted access to a defined system, area or function within a set of access rights or parameters.  Access Control Systems can utilise a wide range of technologies such as a PIN Pad, Proximity Reader, BlueTooth Reader, Finger Print Reader, Retina Scanner or Facial Recognition system to authenticate a user’s ID before applying the access rights.  The Access Control system can operate as a simple standalone device to control access to a single door or it could be integrated to a large Security System allowing it to control arming/disarming of multiple alarm areas, open groups of doors and also be restricted to approved dates and times of access.


Access Control Systems can accommodate a wide range equipment and technologies that allow the reading or input of user information that provides controlled access to physical location/s, time frame/s, equipment, activities, information or any combination of these parameters by establishing a set of predetermined access rights.

Authentication – User ID

Access rights are assigned to a user ID which can then be identified by a combination of user information such as a PIN code, Fingerprint, Retina/Facial Scan, or by devices like a Bluetooth Smart Phone,  Proximity Card or Key Fob to authenticate the user’s ID and their individual access rights.

Authorised Access

Access is then authorised by presenting the information or device to the appropriate reader or code pad which in turn authenticates the user’s access rights giving access by opening the associated door, gate etc.  The recording of user access activity is an important part of a profesional access control system as it provides a history who accessed what and when.

Management Software

Larger or more complicated access control systems are often integrated as part of a security alarm system, CCTV or Building Management System with Management Software and requires the expertise of suitably experienced integrator to tailor a system to your needs.

Access control can be as simple or as complicated as the demands of each individual application requires so the greater the demands more important it is to have the knowledge and experience of MSE to consult, design, install and service your access control system.


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