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Our Security Systems

Security Systems Adelaide are an investment to protect your valuables. Your security is dependant on the right quantity and location of reliable equipment, beginning with the control system which forms the foundation of your security system.  Selection of the correct control panel is essential because it dictates the features and operation including a wide variety of options for Panic, Duress, Intruder, Fire, Door Access Control and the freedom of controlling your security from a code pad, touch screen or smart phone Application. There are plenty of different features available to optimise the security and automation of your premises, such as remote Arm/Disarm, video camera surveillance, video intercom, remote roller door activation just to mention a few.  Our goal is to provide a range of high quality products and reliable services so you can make an informed decision about protecting your family, contents and buildings. All of our security systems are backed by a 24-month parts and labour warranty to give you peace of mind.  In the event you need any help we have a team of fully qualified staff to provide emergency support 24/7.  Don’t fall into the trap of believing all security companies are the same and it’s only the price that differs, choose MSE Alarms with a reputation for providing honest and professional advice, quality products, quality workmanship and quality services since 1989!

Intrusion Detection Equipment

Our detection security systems Adelaide are suited to a wide range indoor and outdoor environments. Motion detection is one of the most common and effective ways to manage the intrusion detection large areas.  Our range of detection equipment has selected from a wide range of commercial grade products that have been tested to perform and the highest standards and proven reliable over extended periods of time.  Intrusion detection can be achieved in a multitude of ways such as Photo-Electric (PE) beam perimeter detection comprising of a Transmitter of the Infrared beam and a receiver so when the path of the beam is interrupted for a predetermined period of time and alarm condition occurs.  You can tailor this technology to suit its environment by altering the trigger time period to filter out a bird of a leaf passing through the beam breeze so it won’t set off your security systems Adelaide.

Magnetic Contacts and Glass Break Detection

When it comes to home security systems Adelaide, we start our by considering all potential intruder entry points or what is referred to as perimeter security.  Perimeter security is your first line of protection which can comprise of both physical and electronic measures according to the level of protection required.  Physical protection is achieved through the fitment of suitable dead locks to all perimeter doors and windows to create a physical external barrier or protection.  The fitment of Magnetic Contacts, Glass Break Detection and Shock Sensors can also create an electronic barrier  monitored all perimeter entry points giving the occupants peace of mind while your moving about in your home or while your sleeping.  Magnetic Contacts (or Reed Switches) are a very simple and reliable device for monitoring the condition of a door or window for unwanted intrusion.  Glass break detection is commercial device that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling up to 6m from a glassed area and works by and sensing sound, specifically looking for the acoustic signature associated with breaking glass to generate an alarm condition.  If you require more information on our security systems Adelaide, don’t hesitate to send an enquiry form through our website!

If you’re looking to improve the security of your home or workspace, MSE Alarms are the people to call.  We’ll make sure to account for budget, maintenance and location suitability when recommending security systems Adelaide for you.

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