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Our Security Systems

Security Systems Adelaide are a valuable investment. Security is dependant on reliable equipment, beginning with the control system. Control Systems are at the core of your security operation. They give you the freedom to arm, disarm, and outsource help under duress. With the wide-variety of control panels we have available, you can manage a number of zones around your house from a single location. There are plenty of different features available to optimise your control, such as video, and roller door activation. Our goal is to make protecting your loved ones easy. All of our security units are backed by a 24-month warranty to give our high-quality claim premise. We also provide round the clock emergency technical support in the event of malfunction. Make sure you get the right advice and choose MSE Alarms for your security systems Adelaide!
Security Systems Adelaide

Motion Detection Equipment

Our detection security systems Adelaide are suited to different indoor and outdoor environments. Motion detection is one of the most common and effective ways to manage the security of a large area. It’s particularly helpful in a commercial setting when you pack up shop for the day. Our detection equipment has been tried and tested to ensure accuracy. There are additional features such as automated lighting to scare off any potential threats. In addition to our standard motion detection technology, we also have Photo-Electric (PE) beam perimeter detection. The PE systems comprise of two fixed units—a beam transmitter, and a receiver. When the beam is disturbed by a physical presence, you will be notified. You can tailor the technology to suit its environment by entering an interruption reaction time. This means that a quick bird flight or leafy breeze won’t set off your security systems Adelaide.

Magnetic Contacts and Glass Break Detection

When it comes to home security systems Adelaide, we don’t always think about the different entry points. This is where magnetic contacts and glass break detection come in handy; monitoring all entry points for a stress-free night’s sleep. Magnetic Contacts (or Reed Switches as they’re commonly known) are used to sense when an area has been breached. A set of electrical connectors are placed slightly apart, and they’re connected by a magnetic field. When the magnetic contact is broken by separation, an alarm will notify the home owner. Glass break detection is more commonly used in commercial environments. They sense the acoustic frequency generated by breaking glass through a microphone. These sensors can be mounted on a wall or ceiling within 25 feet of the window, which makes installation simple. If you require more information on our security systems Adelaide, don’t hesitate to send an enquiry form through our website!

If you’re looking to improve the security of your home or workspace, (08) 8235 1001 is the number to call. We’ll make sure to account for budget, maintenance and location suitability when recommending security systems Adelaide for you.

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