Alarm Systems Adelaide

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  • Member of industry associations ASIAL and NECA

Alarm Monitoring Explained

This Diagram provides a simple map demonstrating modern alarm monitoring technologies and how they connect the client’s premises through today’s telecommunications networks to our Dual Grade A1 Monitoring Centers.  We have been providing homes and businesses with highest standard of alarm monitoring in Adelaide since 1989.

The Security Professionals

MSE is built on the premise of trust and integrity. We offer a wide-range of security systems to protect our community, including CCTV surveillance and alarm systems Adelaide. We strive to engineer state of the art technology that will serve and protect you when you need it most. Our team have a combined experience of over 150 years, and we work collaboratively to provide you with practical, high-quality solutions. This is backed by our membership at the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), and the Australian Security Industry Association Limited. Both of these companies represent the interests of our customers; offering technical training sessions, industrial relations advice, and prompting industry engagement. We correspond with the modern developments introduced by these organisations to stay on top of industry standards. To experience the MSE difference for yourself, browse through our range of alarm systems Adelaide today.
Alarm Systems Adelaide

Our Alarm Systems

Our alarm systems Adelaide can be connected to any security device; accommodating all residential and commercial needs. This includes:

  • Motion detection equipment—set off by an elongated period of movement.
  • Photo electric beam perimeter detection—set off by interference with the infrared beams.
  • Magnetic contacts—set off by breaking the magnetic field.
  • Fire and smoke alarms—set off by smoke.
  • Glass break detection—set off by the acoustical frequency of breaking glass.

In addition to these security systems, we can also install access control devices. This limits entry to your location by requesting a form of identification. It could be dependent on a pin code, facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, or Bluetooth proximity reader. This is used widely across commercial settings to protect people and information. Browse through our full range of security and alarm systems Adelaide to restore protection at your premises!

Responding to Your Alarm

MSE Alarms are interconnected with Dual Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring Centres. These centres have received certification from ASIAL, and comply with the highest Australian standards for alarm systems Adelaide. This is evident in the title, as ‘A’ represents a high standard of equipment and construction in alarm monitoring, while ‘1’ is symbolic of the level of service provided. The alarm monitoring team operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There’s no way to predict a breach of security, so we connect you with the most responsive team in South Australia. If you would prefer to monitor your own security, we can set you up with our recommended phone applications. These enable you to arm and disarm your alarms, and alert people during a security breach. If you have our CCTV surveillance installed, you can live stream the footage to see what triggered the disturbance. Our alarm systems Adelaide are the best in the business!

If you’re interested in improving the security of your home or workplace through our alarm systems Adelaide, call us on 08 8235 1001. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and prepare you with the full protection package!

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