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  • South Australian owned & operated since 1989
  • ASIAL Certified A1-R1 Monitoring Centres
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  • Fully Licensed security professionals
  • Member of ASIAL, NECA and NSP


Alarm Monitoring Explained

This Diagram provides a simple map demonstrating modern alarm monitoring technologies and how they connect the client’s premises through today’s telecommunications networks to our Dual Grade A1 Monitoring Centers. We have been providing homes and businesses with highest standard of alarm monitoring in Adelaide since 1989.

ASIAL Certified Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring Center

MSE Alarms utilises Dual Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring Centres certified by ASIAL to meet with the highest Australian Standards of AS2202.2 for Alarm Monitoring Centres.

The numeral ‘1’ refers to the highest standard of service provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by receiving, processing and initiating the appropriate responses to all the Alarm Conditions received from a client’s premises in accordance with the relevant standards.

The letter ‘A’ refers to the highest standard for equipment and construction of the alarm monitoring center which consists of a commercial building containing a reinforced concrete construction that houses the monitoring center staff, backup power systems, generators, sophisticated computer and telephone systems to ensure security, reliability and redundancy.

ASIAL Certified Redundant Alarm Monitoring Centers

Above and beyond the Australian Standards for a Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring Center MSE utilises Dual Redundant Monitoring Centers certified by ASIAL which acknowledges TWO separate Grade A1 centers providing full redundancy to each other.

In addition to complying with all these standards these Grade A1 Redundant Alarm Monitoring Centers are approved for SA Police, SAMFS and SA Ambulance responses to all compliant alarm conditions.


VIP Alarm Monitoring

Not all alarm monitoring services are the same, in addition to all the compliance and certification MSE Alarms has gone to extremes to ensure the electronic systems and the level of service provided to all our clients exceeds all industry standards ensuring the highest levels of safety, security and customer service are provided by our dedicated VIP stations within the Alarm Monitoring Center.

VIP Monitoring service levels exceed industry standards by utilising the most experienced and highly trained operators, dedicated telephone answering points, MAS Mastermind monitoring platform combined with the most stringent Standard Operating Procedures ensuring the most prompt, reliable and effective response to every alarm condition which in tern assures the security and safety of you and your assets without compromise.

Alarm Conditions & Response Types



Alarm Types & Security Levels

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