CCTV Cameras Adelaide

The Benefits of CCTV Cameras Adelaide

If you purchase one of our CCTV Cameras Adelaide, you’re investing in long-term safety. During the 1970’s Kodak Engineer, Steven Sasson, invented the first digital camera. Soon to follow came digital recording, multiplexing, and computer based Hard Disc Drive video storage. By the early 2000’s, CCTV surveillance was a standard investment across commercial settings. Consequently, it has helped authorities crack down on all kinds of wrong doing, including theft, assault, vandalism, and staff misdemeanours. The technology has become so advanced, that we now have tools such as face recognition, 360-degree vision and auto zoom at our disposal. The quality of footage we’re able to secure is the most advanced it’s ever been, with ultra-high definition of 12 megapixels and above. Additionally, security cameras are also an excellent crime deterrent, because people don’t want to run the risk of getting caught. Browse through our selection of CCTV cameras Adelaide Today!
CCTV Cameras Adelaide

MSE Alarms’ high-quality policy

To maintain the high-quality of our CCTV Cameras Adelaide, we align our execution and communication standards with the industry’s best. MSE Alarms are proudly associated with the National Electrical Communications Association (NECA), and the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL). NECA is run by contractors, for contractors. They oversee that businesses within the electrical construction industry operate on the basis of respect, excellence, integrity and loyalty. Members are entitled to training, technical support, and assistance and representation where needed. Similarly, ASIAL provides advice, assistance and representation to members in the security sector. Our alliance with these organisations is a stamp of quality. We follow the stringent policies and work production standards set by the most advanced technicians in our industry. So, if you’re looking for reliable security equipment to improve the conditions of your environment, start with our CCTV cameras Adelaide.

Choosing A Camera for Your Location

We have supplied CCTV cameras Adelaide for high schools, retail stores, wineries, construction companies, government departments and more. The diverse nature of our clients stems from a common ground—the need for safety. To accommodate the different locations we provide for, we have variation of cameras that are designed to serve different purposes. For example, our dome cameras are designed to provide wide-ranging vision to cover larger areas. Alternatively, our bullet cameras are equipped with motorized zoom lens’ with auto focus to capture detail. Additionally, we also have a 12 mega pixel fisheye network camera. These can capture 360-degree panoramic views without compromising quality and detail. Furthermore, it’s important to take the environment into account, because particular cameras perform better in rough, and cold weather conditions. We have different mounting options to suit whichever wall, ceiling, pole or outdoor area you’ll be filming from! Our CCTV Cameras Adelaide are number one.

If you’re looking to set yourself up with the highest quality equipment on the market, start with MSE alarms. We’re equipped with the tools, the expertise, and the certification to deliver reliable CCTV cameras Adelaide that will get the job done. Call us on (08) 8235 1001 today!

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